Dumb guys finish first

At least where I work. The guy is dumber than I’ve seen in the workplace in a long time. He legit put hot water in a beer glass for tea….and he got promoted to bartender and basically they let him do everything bc the woman boss likes him. I (female) have worked my ass off and do everything quickly and well, always on time, etc and have never been bothered with to be cross trained on anything else besides my own job of bussing tables and running food. Now this dude just leaves the restaurant a mess at the end of his shift for the morning people, it’s one thing after another and they just let him roll well aware of the numerous things he fucks up. I don’t get it.
He even had the audacity to shoe me from behind the bar when I was doing dishes and told me “I’m kind of territorial of the bar” It’s my effing job to be behind the bar. I could have told him off at that point but I just walk away bc I can’t even with the level of wtf. I had to vent this shit sorry.

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