FMI Encourages Consumers to ‘Get Coin Moving’

FMI has launched a coin circulation resource page to help drive awareness about the coin circulation problem in the U.S. For the grocery industry, this problem affects a grocer’s ability to complete cash transactions, which significantly limits the ability of consumers to buy necessary goods and services.

In July, FMI joined the U.S. Coin Task Force and now its resource page will share ways that consumers can help, including starting to spend their coins, depositing coins at their financial institutions, redeeming coins at coin kiosks, and using the hashtag #getcoinmoving in social media posts to promote awareness and understanding of the issue.

FMI president and CEO Leslie Sarasin recorded a PSA to highlight how the coin circulation disruption is impacting millions of Americans. FMI also created an animated infographic that encourages consumers to #getcoinmoving.

“FMI is sharing these resources with our members and partners to help drive consumer education and engagement on coin,” FMI said in a statement. “We are doing this while continuing our work on the Federal Reserve’s Coin Task Force. Key stakeholders from throughout the coin supply chain are participating on the task force all with one common goal, to mitigate the coin circulation disruption.”

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