Food Allergy Customers Trust More in Small Brands

Consumers with food allergies spend $19 billion annually on specialty food to avoid allergic reactions or other health consequences, according to research from Food Allergy Research & Education, reports Food Business News. In addition, 68 percent of food allergy consumers tend to trust smaller and allergen-friendly brands over large brands, and 60 percent said they repeatedly purchase the same foods to save time.

“Currently, precautionary labeling is voluntary and inconsistent, which is confusing for consumers and stressful for those with food allergies who rely on information about what is in their food, especially regarding allergens,” said Ruchi Gupta, MD, medical adviser for public health and education at FARE. “Taking time to fully understand the food allergy consumer has shown us that there is a simple and cost-effective solution: if companies create a standardized labeling structure for the top nine allergens, those with food allergies will be able to confidently choose more safe food options for their families.” Full Story

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