Taco Truck Feeds Undocumented Workers Amid CA Wildfires

La Santa Torta, a popular Bay Area taco truck, is working with farms in California’s Central Coast region to give free meals to undocumented farmworkers, reports Eater. Because they don’t qualify for any federal relief money, many of these workers are still out in the fields this week, picking produce despite the dangerously polluted air from the California wildfires.

Currently, co-owners Victor Guzman and Leo Oblea stop at farms in Gonzales, Salinas, and Watsonville for about an hour to pass out food. They offer a choice of chicken, pork, or birra, scooped over a plate of rice and beans. They give away between 130 and 150 meals per day.

“They’re the ones out there on the front lines, picking the strawberries and the vegetables,” Guzman said. “Without them, I wouldn’t even be able to be in foodservice. It’s just a way of giving back.”

In addition, La Santa Torta has partnered with another popular taco truck, Al Pastor Papi, to make a financial contribution to fire relief efforts geared toward undocumented farmworkers. Through September 3, both trucks will donate 10 percent of their sales to support the farmworkers and undocumented community members.

“I’m an immigrant. My grandparents and uncles worked on the fields when they came. They gave our family a better future,” said Miguel Escobedo, chef-owner of Al Pastor Papi. “We want to help and assist as much as we can.” Full Story

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