US Consumers Reconsider Anchovies

The anchovy may be making a comeback with American consumers, reports The New York Times.

One of the benefits of anchovy fish is that it’s highly versatile; can be eaten fresh, jarred or tinned, or even pulverized to use in sauces or dressings. In addition, it offers a salty, rich umami flavor that can be paired with pizza, burgers, or in the case of Anna Harrington, owner of The Rounds, cookies.

“I really wanted to include anchovies because I feel like there aren’t a lot of crackers out there with fish in them,” Harrington told The New York Times. “Anchovies are really decadent and delicious and have an incredible richness and go really well with butter. My cookies have tons of butter. Really, they’re mostly butter. It felt like a natural pairing to me.”

In addition, Dr. Villy Christensen, a professor at the University of British Columbia, says the consumption of smaller forage fish, like anchovies or sardines, may help to reduce the overfishing of larger fish and rebalance the fish species in the ocean, ultimately leading to a more sustainable food system. Full Story

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