Waiter Drawing on my Table?

I went to a steakhouse just now. It was a little tacky if you ask me – pinhole ceilings, hard mat table cover and a paper sheet as the table cloth.

My server came in and drew his name on my table with a crayon facing towards me. I found this odd and slightly amusing. He said it was part of the test. I’m not sure if he meant a test for him as a waiter to draw backwards or (more condescendingly) a test that I could read. Either way I didn’t care.

At the end of other people’s meal I notice they just crumpled up the paper then throw it away. Seems wasteful or maybe cut on water costs for washing table cloths. Tacky for a two dollar sign steakhouse.

Does anyone else do this at their restaurant?

The closest I’ve seen to drawing on tables is The Spaghetti Factory by child customers.

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